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Instead of focusing on completing certain tasks to grow a business, Graveyard Innovation is results based. We’ve created a strategic storytelling process that looks at a business idea differently.

We hone in on a specific innovation (or more than one). The key question is: what is it in this business that needs to be innovated in order to bring its uniqueness out, in order for people to realize its value and want to be a part of it?

Typically, we do this in our 3 phase process detailed below. Our goal is to work with clients long-term. However, there's no obligation to go through each phase.

Phase One: The Idea Lab - Finding the Story

Phase One of the Strategic Storytelling process opens up all the possibilities of the business as we see it. Where other firms are all about what they can do to complete a set of tasks, Graveyard Innovation is all about what your specific business can to do better tell your story and win.

The narrative, the story, is like a north star. It reminds us how far we’ve traveled, and that we’ve still got miles to go before we sleep. You can use it always to remember where you are going.

What Your Strategic Story Makes Possible

  • Endless Innovation: You have the ability to produce endlessly original Ideas, content, products, and experiences
  • Better Decision Making: Framework for decision making in business. Does this partnership, marketing choice, advertising opportunity, etc. make sense in the context of my story.
  • Confidence & Inner Trust: Personal confidence and deepening of your mission is the natural result of remembering to connect with your story and to connect your customers with the story of the business.
  • Beyond Toxic Competition: True potential of cooperation in business because each business is on unique and differentiated ground. You’ve staked out your unique ground and this empowers other businesses to do the same.
  • Stay Grounded: Anchor for present and future inspiration and action so that you can act quickly and strategically.
  • Ongoing Useful Content: In finding and crafting the story, everything from website copy to talking points to speeches to videos etc. is now ready to be created.
Phase Two: Testing the Story

Once the story is in place, you are ready for Phase Two - Testing Your Story.. If you do decide to move forward with Graveyard Innovation, our Phase Two process focuses on finding and testing the best way to tell your story right now by:

  • Testing the viability of the innovations recommended in the proposal
  • Establishing a baseline for results usually metrics such as profit, traffic, contacts made etc.
  • Creating the structure and routines for the business to implement the targeted innovations we believe will most likely drive results.
Phase Three: Telling the Story

With the Finding and the Testing complete, we now move into Telling. This phase is for people with original ideas committed to telling their story in the most original way and who are a good match for Graveyard Innovation's Pay for Performance Model.

Interested in our services? Fill out our Innovation Assessment request to start the process of seeing if we're a good match.

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