Ranking The Sui Dynasty based on P.E.R.S.I.A By Andy Sadiku

The Sui Dynasty's greatest contributions fell within the Economics category.

With the introduction of the grand canal, the yangzi river was now newly connected with the yellow river allowing the people of China to go across massive stretches of land with ease. This was incredibly helpful as traders could trade with a much larger variety of people and therefore gain much more materials. The grand canal still is very helpful today in terms of tourism. The canal is another major tourist point in China which will always provide a steady source of income for a country.

Another category that the sui DYNASTY fell under was social

With the grand canal, overall social interactions were increased as people could much more easily go across the country into new areas they've never been before. This allows them to experience and share cultures that overall much more diversifies the nation and making it much better.

Another thing the Sui did was further fortify the great wall of China. In a sense this process did the opposite of what the canal did. The added fortifications of the wall disallowed any enemies to enter and attack China but it also blocked the exit of any Chinese citizens into the outside world, meaning that they couldn't really socialize with anyone non Chinese.

next, politics were impacted by the sui dynasty

After the Sui dynasty rose to power, and the entirety of China was reunified, everything was entirely peaceful which allowed China to easily improve on its politics and economics. Also the grand canal increased communications throughout the nation allowing the country to be much more advanced and get their ideas across the entire country more easily.


When the grand canal was created the arts were also affected. With the newfound ability to travel people could now more easily travel throughout the country and share their forms of art. According to travelchinaguide.com the grand canal played a vital role in the "economical and cultural exchange between southern and northern areas." Clearly with the canal, people

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