PORTFOLIO Hailey Lujan

This has been my first year of high school level art class and I couldn't be more glad that I enrolled in the course. I hope to go into AP Art in my senior year. This semester, I learned how to draw what I was seeing instead of what I knew. I think that was my greatest improvement this year.
Elements Of Art

Space: Arranging separate objects in a drawing to create space and dimension

Line: A single mark on a drawing

Blind Contour Shells

Blind Contour: A practice of drawing the outline or contour of an object without eyes on the paper

Left & Right Vase Faces // Upside-Down Drawing
Positive / Negative Space

Pos/Neg Space is made by outlining an object (or one section of an object) and drawing in the positive space while leaving the negative space blank or completely shaded in.

Bottom - Before Hand // Top - After Hand

You can see that I have improved in positive/negative space in this drawing because my first paper was almost all white, while my second paper has different tones.


I think I did a good job on highlighting and shadowing my hair in this drawing, as well as a decent job with the shading. I think it looks about 75% me.


The value in this drawing is found in the difference between the more densely stippled areas and the bare areas.

Still Life

I think my most successful elements in this piece would be Value, or shading, and Texture.

Scratch board Lion

I am really proud of this piece because I really like the way it turned out with all of the detail in the texture of the lion.

2 point perspective

With a two-point perspective all corners are going to meet up at the intersection of two lines drawn from opposite ends of the horizon line/vanishing point. The shadows are also made by using a vertical line perpendicular to the horizon line.

Before And After - Self Portraits

I think an accomplishment on this project is the improved shading. I think my after portrait looks like me--but in a slightly cartoonish way which I will try to make more realistic.

Oil Pastel

I put 5 different colors in the sunrise for blending and made a bit of shadowing in the waters.


I've really enjoyed this semester and in particular, I really liked the stippling and scratch board projects. I found the oil pastel challenging because I kept adding too much pastel to the point where it got patchy. I think my biggest improvement would be shading techniques & becoming better at drawing what I see and not what I know.

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