My Nature Adventure at the Florida Museum of Natural History Jensen Thompson

Nature on Display

The butterfly exhibit was particularly interesting to me because I have never been in a place where I've seen so many butterflies at once! Also, my mom always used to tell me that when a butterfly flies in front of you, it's a symbol of good luck. Finding a little piece of home in this exhibit was extremely refreshing. I really appreciated the design of the exhibit because it's extremely large and encompasses everything a butterfly habitat should include. It was large enough and supportive enough to the point where it doesn't seem like a very crammed enclosure, but a free and open environment for the butterflies to thrive. The exhibit captured my attention because of all of the flora and vegetation that cover almost every inch of the exhibit, it is truly beautiful. I learned that butterflies, and other living creatures, truly need pure nature and all of the supportive characteristics nature has to offer. We need to preserve nature and all of the wonderful creatures in our ecosystem because they truly make this life possible. Seeing the beauty of nature and these innocent insects in such a raw form made this experience beyond enjoyable.

Butterfly Rain Forest, Florida Natural Museum of History. Jensen Thompson. 2017.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum, and especially the exhibit on the Seminoles, provided me the opportunity to experience nature as a member of a "biotic community" rather than a "conquer of the land." The Seminoles were subjected by people who did believe they were "conquers of the land," so it was extremely refreshing to step back and appreciate who the Seminoles were as people and as a tribe and how they helped early North America thrive. As I went through this exhibit, I had an extreme amount of appreciation for who the Seminoles were and inspired by how they lived on just pure nature. The museum itself made me appreciate and made me sense a lot of gratitude for how great nature truly is and how powerful it is to support so many different aspects of life. The other people in the museum were also very awestruck and respectful of the exhibits. The museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by having multiple interactive exhibits, for example, the butterfly rain forest, which allowed people to directly be one with nature. The experience in the museum absolutely instilled an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines. I need to step back and appreciate the beauties of nature and my environment on an everyday basis instead of taking it for granted.

Seminole Exhibit, Florida Museum of Natural History. Jensen Thompson. 2017.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The natural history museum helps us step out of our normal lives by allowing us to take a step back and appreciate different forms of nature and creatures supported by nature that we may not come into contact every day or take for granted. It allows us to step through different ecosystems and see how those ecosystems support living organisms. The Natural History Museum helps us better understand who we are because it helps remind us that we come from nature and that we should be one with nature as human beings, which should ultimately make us appreciative of the mysteries and majesties that nature has to offer. We need to better preserve these mysteries and majesties, because if we don't, humanity as we know it will be at stake for extinction, just like this Megladon!

Shark Jaw Exhibit, Florida Museum of Natural History. Jensen Thompson. 2017.


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