WAG APril 3-7

Monday, April 3nd

Late start - Canvas training with Eric and Sarah - please bring computer

11:10 - make up PALs lunch!

1:00 - Demel meeting my office

3:30 - running club

Tuesday, April 4th

ELA state assessments

7:30 - PIT meeting in conference room

7:45 - Demel meeting - conference room

9:00 - Demel meeting - my office

3:30 - Tiger Time

Wednesday, April 5th

ELA state assessments

3:40 - BIT - need to meet today because I will in Oklahoma on Thursday!

3:30 - Drawing club and 5th grade Chess Club

Almost there!! YOU.GOT.THIS!!!

Thursday, April 6th

6:30 - arrive for 5th grade field trip - depart promptly at 7. I will have my phone all day so please email or call if you need anything at all! I will have admin on standby if you need them.

3:30 - Running club

Friday, March 31st

Wait a free Friday...Say What???? (I'm sure it will be full by Wednesday)😂

11:10 - PALs lunch


The buttons above are active links.

Please open these and feel free to add your duties to your google calendar. If you need assistance please let me know.

Please turn off all lights in your rooms

Please have students pick up the room at the end of the day as they are packing up

Employees of the Week

Johnna - what a blessing and support you have been to our school! So happy to have you on staff

Lori Hoffman - Thank you for always being willing to share your space when we are in need. Thank you fir always having great things to share with our students.

Thank you Both!

Superhero - Learning is Our Super Power is our theme for next year!! Let the decorating begin!!


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Shannon Demel


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