Psychological Portrait Linoleum relief printing


Artists (By row): 1. Rob Mitchell, Swoon, Swoon, 2. Elizabeth Polfus, Ell Willoughby, John Steins 3. Kathe Kollwitz, Sarah Mollere 4. Swoon, Kathe Kollwitz


3 layer print: Layer 1 - green, Layer 2 - red, Layer 3 - black

Psychological Self Portrait Reduction Relief Print

How can a portrait convey not just what someone looks like, but who they are?

Consider how facial expression, pose, composition, color, and additional symbolic elements can work together to communicate something about identity rather than just appearance.

Steps for creating a drawing to use in the linocut:

  • Take a photograph of yourself or someone you know well. Carefully consider lighting - strong shadows may be helpful for this process.
  • In adjust the photo to b&w and posterize it at 3-4 levels. (Instructions)
  • Print the image so it fills a sheet of printer paper. The head should fill no less that 50% of the page.
  • You may add drawn elements to your portrait at this point if desired.

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