The Life of Alexander the Great Emma Rhyne

His Early life

Alexander the Great was born to King Philip II and Queen Olympia, in Macedonia on July 20th 356 B.C. He and his sister were raised in the royal court of Pella. Alexander never saw much of his father. Instead his mother became an important role model. As he grew up Alexander began to resent his father because of his absence.


Alexanders earliest education was given by one of his relatives, Leonidas of Epirus. He was hired to teach Alexander math, horsemanship and archery, but struggled to get his attention. Since Alexander couldn't pay attention with Leonidas they hired Lysimachus, who used role-playing to keep him interested. Then in 343 B.C. they hired Aristotle. Aristotle taught Alexander about philosophy, poetry, drama, science and politics over the course of three years.

taking the Throne

Alexander was only 19 when King Philip II died. Alexander wanted to take control of the throne so he killed off any other potential heirs. The Macedonian Army supported him along with his mother. Many other states didn't want Alexander to take the throne but in the end he did.

Where he conquered

During Alexanders 11 years of ruling he managed to conquer not only Greece but also Persia, Egypt, and India. When he died the Roman Empire was spread 2,000,000 miles, only 200,000 miles away from it's greatest size.

His Death

Alexander died after only 11 years of ruling, on July 13th, 323 B.C. His death was caused by malaria and he died in Babylon. He left no proper heir and his empire only lasted another 10 years. He influenced the Hellenistic period where Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and Indian cultures mixed together.


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