My Epiphany of Learning By: Lauren Cullen

Before TCH 219, I was only aware to some extent of the need to change our education system. However, my experiences through this class intensified my passion to educate, and lead to my epiphany of learning.

Our classroom discussions were the first thing that drove my passion to change the education system. We discussed the issues of a current classroom and the different learning strategies that could be implemented to resolve these issues, or aid student learning. By the end of the semester, we repeated ourselves with the philosophy that our education system is not allowing students to critically think, apply their knowledge, or be creative.

This video exemplified my passion to engage and motivate my students through skills and strategies that they can be applied to their daily lives and interests.

My Disciplinary literacy project emphasized the importance of skills such as analyzing, interpreting, and teamwork. I asked my interviewee her opinion of what schools can do to improve literacies, and all of her solutions involved active and engaging learning.

My urban experience demonstrated the struggles our education system is facing, and must face, in order to make changes. It concluded my teaching philosophy and my epiphany of learning.

My Epiphany
Our world is evolving, and our education system must evolve with it. To do so, we as educators must allow for critical thinking and encourage engaging activities in the classroom, that will not only lead to students discoveries, but also drive passion for future endeavors.
Even though there are going to be failures and challenges through these changes and processes, as long as both the teachers and students are striving to be the best they can be, everyone is succeeding, and everyone is learning.


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