The dangers of alcohol It's not just fun and games.

Alcohol may seem like a lot of fun, but it isn't just fun. Its dangerous, not just to yourself but also to others around you. it is much more dangerous if you are underaged.

while alcohol may seem bad consequences can be mixed, good or bad some short term effects include: A relaxing effect, reduced tension, lowered inhibitions, poor concentration and slow reflexes. these arent the only effects but they are a few.

But as well as short term there are also long term effects which are much more damaging, effects such as: disrupted brain development, liver damage, brain cells dieing, stomach and itestinal ulcers/ destroyed organs and increase blood pressure. it may seem fun to drink alocohl but it is really bad for you.

Those previous effects were physical and while effects of alcohol are normally physical there are also some social consequences. A few examples of social effects are: Your family could be frightened or disappointed in you, Your friends could be angry or you could say things that would upset them and Your girlfriend/ wife could be offended greatly by some things that you don’t mean.

Now that you know the effects of alcohol you can go and drink responsibly unless you want to take the chance of being effected by one of these effects and remeber, rbt, you wanna pass? dont have that glass.

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