Accident Avoidance Class A great class for New & Experienced Drivers alike.

Every one and a half minutes, someone in the United States is injured in an automobile crash involving a young driver between the ages of fifteen and nineteen and in 2008, the accident resulted in one fatality every one hour and twenty minutes involving the same age group. - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

“Drivers Ed.” teaches beginners how to drive. BSR’s Accident Avoidance (“AA”) training teaches already-licensed drivers, with a minimum of six months driving experience, how to handle real world highway emergencies. BSR students are taught the skills to respond faster and more accurately to any driving emergency.

The difference can save lives.

And it has!

A scientific study conducted by BSR and published in 2008 found that our training has a profound impact on accident statistics.

The study period is concurrent with the period young drivers are most likely to get into an accident – the first five years of licensed operation. Accident data were kept through five years and not recorded thereafter. No consideration has been given to driver’s attitude, peer group pressure, or other psychological factors. The 469 Trained and Control Group students form the sample group in Figure One. Through cooperation from West Virginia’s Governor’s staff, State Troopers’ headquarters, and State Sheriff’s Association, spearheaded by Jefferson County Sheriff Ed Boober, BSR has acquired crash reports of both groups.

This study was conducted with teenagers. However this class has been equally beneficial to adults as well. Sometimes the class has more adult students than teenagers.

Knowing that some highway-driving emergencies are beyond prevention and will occur, BSR has learned it is imperative that effective, specialized training take place on realistic highway-type road circuits. BSR’s four training circuits contrast strongly with the parking lots and public roads typically utilized in traditional “drivers eD” type classes.

As important as the realistic venue is it is an absolute necessity that instructors be skilled in accident avoidance dynamics at highway speeds.

Not even the police taught classes can provide instructors with the number of teaching hours and experience that our instructors have.

Many police departments send their personnel to us for training.

This includes their driving instructors!

Some of the things you will learn during this class are:

Precise vehicle maneuvering.
Skills for highway driving.
Keeping and regaining control of the car during an emergency.
Good practices for driving on low traction surfaces. Such as wet roads, snow and ice.
Skid control and recovery.

We have found that many of our students arrive nervous about the day. A few have been sent by their parents and don't want to be here at all.

We are happy to say that most if not all report having fun and felt like they learned a lot. Making the day well worth their time.

Please see the Accident Avoidance home site for additional details as well as a schedule of upcoming classes.