Auggie and Me By obed, mms

This book tells how old Wonder characters felt different thoughout the story. Auggie and Me was written by RJ Palacio, and I loved the book because now I know how Julian, Christopher, and Charlotte felt.

Julian, Christopher, and Charlotte wanted to tell how they felt about Auggie and how they felt throughout the school year, but there were some bad parts where they were jealous about someone. So they just told about it. Then they told how they felt because now we know how they feel.

My favorite part is when Julian’s grandma tells her story. After she told her story Julian feels bad about what he did, and he is sorry for what he had done to Auggie. I felt happy now because now Julian realized what he has done.

It is good to tell a story about how you felt throughout the school year, and the book shows this by how the characters talk to the people who are reading the book.

Their feelings are special. It tells me how they feel throughout the story and school year. Another thing that tells me their feelings are special is when they feel emotional. The book was good because it gave me great details and it shows me how they felt throughout the book. I recommend this book to people that like realistic fiction.

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Raquel J. Palacio


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