2020-2021 Scribbler Annual Writing Contest Winners Announced

“Beach Delight”

“Seagulls and the wind orchestrate/in a sweet-sounding band/creating harmony for everyone to listen”

Jake Bater, sophomore, Honorable Mention: Poetry

"Home is in my culture"

“I understand Brazilian music with such passion and emotion./It flows right in my heart, in a way no American song has ever”

Maria Borges, sophomore, Second Place: Poetry

“Os Astronautas”

“Mas ela se parece com a minha rua/Cheia de buracos e histórias/ Pensamentos e memorias”

“The Astronauts”

“But the moon looks like my street/Full of holes and stories/ Thoughts and memories”

Rebeca Brum Da Silva, sophomore, Honorable Mention: Poetry

“Os Beatles”

“Lembro-me do tempo e do dia/Em que tudo era beatlemania”

"The Beatles"

“I remember the time and day/In which everything was Beatlemania”

Dhiogo De Oliveira, sophomore, Honorable Mention: Poetry

“The Mirror”

“Here and there/glass fragments were lost and/have been forever separated from one another.”

Molly Fahey, senior, tied for Third Place: Poetry

“Controversial Dress Codes”

“She was later notified she was still suspended for 10 days and would not be able to participate in any senior activities. Yes, that includes graduation. Imagine losing 12 years of hard work because of a wide neckline and a stupid dress-code.”

Haley Gould, sophomore, Third Place: Nonfiction

“Passing Tranquility”

“Shelves jut from the walls like branches on a tree holding and sheltering/The paperbound histories real or imagined.”

Ian Ludlam, sophomore, tied for First Place: Poetry

"Search Party"

“Lay there, keep hoping./No one’s looking./All the flashlights are dead and the radio signals have been/lost for years.”

Alessa Maiuri, junior, tied for First Place: Poetry


The thumping of my feet against the concrete fell deaf on my ears in comparison to the mumbling and laughter of those around me.”

Dylon Medeiros, sophomore, First Place: Short Fiction


“Queridos amigos, não parem de lutar/Mesmo que seja uma vida difícil/O sofrimento há de acabar.”
“Dear friends, don’t stop fighting/Even though it's a hard life/The suffering will end.”

Eduardo Meinberg, senior, tied for Third Place: Poetry

“Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life”

“The empty, yet full atmosphere could clear my head with its smell. The smell was intoxicating, musty and thick, almost overwhelming.”

Ti-Ti Nguyen, Freshman, Second Place: Nonfiction

“They Were My Friends”

“They viewed me as nothing more than a dirty liar. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't manage to take one, complete breath.”

Melody Uribe, senior, First Place: Nonfiction

Congratulations to all the winners!

-The Scribbler Editorial Staff


Big Red Staff and the winners of the contest.