Deliverance By James Dickey

Deliverance is a gripping tale of nerve-shattering suspense, bone-chilling terror, and edge-of-your-seat action. This breathtaking adventure has captivated readers for decades... dive into its midst if you dare.

A captivating and mysterious adventure deserves a cover that will pull readers in. The blood-stained handprint, gloomy river scene, and ominous implication of a nightmare prepare readers for a chilling thrill ride. Buckle up.
A foggy scene of lurking danger is portrayed by a hunter lying in wait for his prey. The silence of the forest is broken only by the strike of a blood-stained arrow to the unsuspecting victim below.
Murderer? Innocent city-slicker? Edward Gentry, the leader of he and his crew's fateful expedition, is a wanted man, on the run for the murder of Deputy Sheriff Stovall on the Cahulawassee Gorge. His escape from Aintry is vital, especially since he now has a $10,000 reward on his head.
Extra! Extra! Make sure not to miss this story of the failed float of Ed Gentry and his pals this weekend! One dead and three injured left this group in bad shape, and the most excitement in recent town history has left Aintry residents on edge.
A bookmark may only be used once for this hair-raising story of danger and near demise. Once diving into the dark realm of this novel, you might not ever put it down.

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