3 TYPES OF CONTENT to improve instagram engagement

#MondayMotivation post are great, however aside from lighting a bit of a fire to a small percentage of your audience, it doesn't really do much to your instagram engagement. What exactly are we looking for when it comes to engagement? Likes, comments, shares, and tags. What post or insta stories will translate to higher influence, engagement and expand your audience? Better question is, why do we need high engagement on Instagram? Let's picture instagram as a vast body of ocean and your post/insta story as a tiny droplet of content causing tiny ripples of engagement. Those ripples represent your reach and engagement, which is what gives your ripples power to increase the reach of your post. So what kind of content will transform your ripples into waves?


I'm going to start off by bursting a lot of bubbles out there, specially my professional clients. (doing this because I love you guys lol) In todays day and age secret recipes, tactics, moves, you name it... don't exist anymore. We are living in an age where you can stream curriculum or a class from one of the most prestigious schools in the world FOR FREE! This means if you're a professional and hold a great amount of knowledge in your profession, although it may not be a secret, it still holds value. If you want to show your audience you're a professional, show them! tidbits of valuable information will go a long way in building a reputable brand and trust with your audience and possible future clients. do this alone and watch your Instagram engagement grow.

story telling

My personal favorite! Story telling content is by far the most engaging type of content there is. A lot of the time on instagram we get to see the end result or highlights. Post about watches, new cars, or ... fill in the blank are cool and all, but it's not that interesting. I think we can all agree that the process of achieving these goals is way more interesting and engaging. Benefits of this type of content is you create a stronger more invested following. Some of the most influential instagram profiles are lifestyle vloggers and when they say "jump" their base ask "how high?". If you can get this style of content going and add your professional information to go along with it, you're walking on an engagement gold mine.


Okay, stay with me here. I know this one sounds a little silly. However, sometimes to get more engagement you simply have to ask for it. Including questions, polls, sweepstakes, any feedback or interaction with your audience will generate some engagement. However, this will only work if and only if you already have a great engagement to begin with. Unfortunately you can't try this last tip unless you've already worked on the first two. So get out there and document, offer valuable information, tell your story and engage.

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Ricky Alvarado


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