Good Life Performance Jorneshia Gonzalez

The Spatial Experience: I have experienced a play before in a theatre, so the experience for me was pretty normal. However, I never been in the Constans Theatre and going there for the first time was exciting. I was sitting to the far right, in the back during the play. My seat affected my experience because it was not center stage, so I was unable to see the full stage and the entire performance with everything in plain sight without moving to the right or left in order to see certain things during the play. When the auditorium lights dimmed, I was sort of anxious because I never seen this play before and I couldn't wait until it started. Places in the good life allow you to experience life at a different view point. Whether it is in a new city or new country, going to a new place gives you an new experience you have never dealt with, allowing you to grow as a person. "With experience, brings wisdom".
The Social Experience: I went to the play with a long time friend of mine and he only made the experience better. In order to get ready for the play, we talked about the certain things that we will have to look out for as the play was going on. My friend and I always can make a good laugh out of something; if the audience level was on a two, we both were on level 5 at least. Sharing experiences with friends give you something in common and something you can always talk about. It gives you the social experience you need in order to have a good life. The ability to talk to someone and make connections, socially not awkward in any way.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The central issue of the play was, there is always a way to continue on in life no matter your reputation or what you are known for. It is up to you to enhance the bright light you hold within you. Before attending the play, I did not know nothing before reading the description given by my good life teacher. As a low-income student myself, it kind of touched back home. I know how it is for everyone in your family to basically depend on you to succeed in life. My mom, dad, sister and other family members do a lot for me just so they can see me succeed. A lot of pressure is put on me everyday and sometimes things do not work out as they are supposed to and it is up to me and only me to make sure I make my family proud.
The Emotional Experience: The play gives us a chance for "katharsis" by showing us the importance of music and dance in general, as a way of life. Many people in my generation use music not just to listen to, but we use music as a way to express our feeling and also to find ways of relating to our feelings so we can find something to run to when we are in a certain mood and not be alone when dealing with something. To some people, music is a way of life; music is life food, money and sleep to them. Also, music can be a source of therapy for some.
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