Christophe Godin, Creator: 25 Custom-created Patches

Luca Colombo, Creator: 20 Custom-created Patches

6 x Zoom Patches featuring this month's new Stompboxes and Amp + Cab

4 x Stompboxes

1 x Amp + Cabinet Combo

To download new Stompboxes and Amp + Cabinet combination, simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on the pedal, and open the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Download and install the new, custom-created patches with the links below or on


Hailing originally from Annecy, France, Christophe Godin is known for his sense of humor, svirtuosic guitar skills, as well as his energetic and “wacky” personality. Christophe Godin has lit up the stage with musicians, like Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses), Andy Timmons (Danger Danger), Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Kiko Loureiro (Angra, Megadeth), Guthrie Govan, etc.

As he got older and grew in ability, he cut his teeth as a local guitar hero with a number of french bands until his band Temple gained him both wider international exposure and a wave of positive reviews. But it was the next group, Mörglbl (formed with Ivan Rougny and Jean-Pierre Frelézeau), that would see Christophe make large strides and an indelible mark in French rock/metal for years to come.

By the early 2000’s, Mörglbl’s first two albums had led to international exposure, a performance at NEARfest, and the opportunity for Christophe to play with Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Frank Gambale (Chick Corea), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson).

During the 2000’s, Christophe continued to collaborate and experiment, as well as to grow relationships with with well-regarded brands in the music industry. In 2001, Christophe formed the band Gnô, releasing the album “Trash Deluxe” with extensive dates in France through 2003. Next he pulled double duty, releasing an album in partnership with Pierrejean Gaucher as 2G, while simultaneously releasing his solo project called Christophe Godin's Metal Kartoon, where all the ingredients that made the career of the guitarist what it is are to be found on this record: humor, virtuosity, and a mix of jazz, funk, and metal.

Over the following years, he has continued to stay very busy, releasing new albums with bands Mörglbl and Gnô; forming a new acoustic duo with extraordinary guitarist Olivier-Roman Garcia; teaching at E.T.M. music school of Geneva (Switzerland); building his reputation as a clinician with the release of an instructional video (Heavy metal : les techniques/Birdland); and writing numerous instructional columns for dozens of guitar magazines.

Christophe is an official international ambassador and tours worldwide for the following companies : Laney amps (UK), Vigier guitars (France), Lâg acoustic guitars (France), Zoom effects (Japan), Palmer effects (Germany), Gruv Gear (US). He was also voted fifth best international guitarist by Guitar Part magazine.


  • EZ-DC - Classic AC/DC Hard Rock Sound
  • SRVROLLING - A blues rock sound ideal for boosting for single coils. Step on the pedal and add a wah to your sound!
  • MAY I ROKU - Classic Queen guitar sound.
  • THRASH'EM - Mid 80's typical thrash metal sound.
  • BOOSTEY - Light crunch to crank up a clean channel.
  • HEAVY 80'S - Typical 80's heavy rock distortion.
  • LIQUID80'S - Compressed clean chorused sound. Ideal for nice, crispy arpeggios.
  • KOUNTRYTEL - Country guitar sound with a subtle slap back effect. Tranforms your guitar into a Telecaster.
  • SPACESYNTH - Deep spacy synth-like sounds
  • WOT DAFUNK - Automatic wah funk sound for single coils.
  • BLAKSABASS - Turn your guitar into a dirty stoner bass.
  • AKOOSTIK - Acoustic simulation to turn any electric guitar into an amazing realistic acoustic steel guitar.
  • DIMEWHAMMY - Tribute to the late Pantera guitarist. Step on the pedal and get crazy.
  • SMOOTHJAZZ - Turn your solid body into a jazz arch top guitar.
  • LOUNGEPAD - Hit a chord and get carried away by the rhythm of the patch to produce a lounge pattern.
  • VIBROBLUES - Typical dirty blues sound with vibrato and a spring reverb. Step on the pedal and add a wah to your sound.
  • POONK - A modern high gain punk rock guitar sound with or without a nice phaser.
  • NEOKLASSIK - Typical neo classic distortion sound for fans of Yngwie!
  • VOICEKORUS - Voices pop out of this chorused clean guitar sound to create a strange, almost human guitar sound.
  • CHRIS 1 - My personal settings for a clean channel input.
  • BRIGHTONRK - Typical Brian May (of Queen) sound.
  • JUSTMETAL - Super tight metal sound ideal for insane riffs and solos.
  • RAWK - Straight hard rock sound for heavy riffs and screaming leads!
  • US ROCK - Arena US rock riffs!
  • VINTGBLUES - Warm vintage rock blues sound for single coils.


Hailing from Italy, Luca Colombo is one of the most sought-after and critically acclaimed guitarists in the country; often sharing the stage or in the recording studio with well-known Italian and international musical acts.

He has performed with top Italian artists such as Eros Ramazzotti, Marco Mengoni, Nek, Max Pezzali, Mango, Anna Oxa and others.

He performed as first guitar player in numerous orchestras during popular TV shows (including the Sanremo Music Festival since 2007) accompanying international artists like Robbie Williams, Lionel Richie, Al Jarreau, Phil Collins, Leona Lewis, Rebecca Ferguson, Jennifer Lopez, Brian May, Michael Bublè and James Blunt just to name a few.

Widely recognized for his personal and versatile style, Luca is equally versed and emotionally expressive across genres as diverse as rock, fusion, jazz or pop.

His original work, commercial collaborations, film scores, and live performances earned him the title of “Guitarist of The Year” for the 2013 FIM Awards as well as numerous endorsement deals with beloved major brands such as Gibson, Vox, and Ernie Ball.

These days he’s touring with a number of top Italian Artists, with his instrumental band, as a clinician, and teaching jazz guitar at the conservatory of Parma.

On Oct. 15th 2014, Luca signed a deal with the international music consulting firm GINGIO to promote his name and his projects outside Italy.


  • LuckyLead - A combination of two overdrive with spatial delay and spring reverb. Hi gain sound, great for lead solos.
  • FunkyWah - Clean sound with autowah — made for strange solo or funk rhythm.
  • BREATH - Clean sound in Andy Summers (The Police) style — Tap Tempo available to adapt the delay time.
  • PadGuitar - Very wet sound, with autoswell, perfect for chord or single note for harmonic accompaniment evocative.
  • Octa Lead - Lead sound with Octave down.
  • TremoLead - Soft crunch with many ambient, echoes and optional tremolo — great for lead in Gilmour (Pink Floyd) style.
  • Talk box - Lead tone with talk bopx simulated, created for alternative solos.
  • Experience - Lead tone inspired by Jimi's world — built with fuzz, univibe and reverse delay.
  • Edge Dly - Crunch sound combined with two delay combined in dotted eight and quarter note; Tap Tempo is available.
  • Vibe Lead - Lead tone with fast vibrato in Mike Landau style.
  • Wah-Lead - Lead tone with Cry Baby active on expression pedal.
  • MorelLead - Lead tone with wammy pedal active on expression pedal in Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) style.
  • SkrilLead - Lead effect with OSC Echo active on expression pedal, try a note with pedal down and right after up, in Skrillex style.
  • GuitarSeq - Distorted power with SeqFLTR, made for accompaniment in electro-pop sound.
  • FunkyWah - A little bit crunch sound with cry baby active on expression pedal, best sound for funky accompaniment.
  • BackinB - Marshall tone in Angus Young (AC/DC) style.
  • VeryClean - Fender tone in Twin style.
  • TopBoost - UK Class A amp tone, in top Boost channel style.
  • BogPower - Lead and powerful tone, made for rock power chord or solos.

Check out samples of Luca's custom patches for August 2016 in the video above.


  • DeluxeGang - This crunch sound uses FD DLXR and features dazzling high frequencies and impactful middle frequencies.
  • DeluxeGang (Direct for Recording) - This crunch sound, which is tailored for recording, uses FD DLXR and features dazzling high frequencies and impactful middle frequencies.
  • GRID SRV - This blues sound in the style of SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughan) uses BG GRID.
  • BonyStone - This blues rock sound uses a combination of StonePha and SweetDrv.
  • CornFLT - LowPassFL and a heavy distortion are combined in this filter sound with a nu metal style.
  • BigChurch (Direct for Recording) - This patch, which uses Church to create extremely long reverberations, is perfect for slow-paced phrases.


New Stompboxes available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on the pedal, and open the Guitar Lab software.
  • BG GRID - This models a Mesa Boogie GRID SLAMMER. An added parameter allows you to adjust the balance of original sound and overdrive.
  • StonePha - This phaser sound models the Electro-Harmonix SmallStone.
  • LowPassFL - This effect varies the low pass filter frequency according to picking intensity.
  • Church - This effect simulates the reverberations of a church.


New FD DLXR Amp + FD-DX1x12 Cabinet available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on your pedal, and open the Guitar Lab software.
  • FD DLXR Amplifier - This models the sound of the Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb.
  • FD-DX1x12 Cabinet - This models the sound of a Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb cabinet with one 12" Jensen C-12K Speaker.
We hope you love the new August 2016 additions to your G5n; there are plenty more on the way every month, like next month's patches created by Dan Spack (Volcano Choir) and Vinny Valentino (Vital Information)!

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