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Hello, My name is Johan Verghese and this is my digital personal profile. In the profile, there will be various topics related to me personally, like my career planning or my personality color and by reading the profile I hope you will get more insight about me.

Career Spectrum and Occupation matches

Career Spectrum, In the career spectrum test, the test used various "Assessment tools" to determine what job suited me the best .The test assessed me using my learning styles my personality, my interests, my knowledge and my motivation. For my learning styles it said I was a visual auditory learner and learned the best by looking and seeing. For personality it said I was the healer personality, which means I am more introverted,intuiting, feeling, and perceiving than my peers. For the interest type it said I was the sensei interest type which means my interest traits are investigative and social. For the knowledge test it said my top subject area was computers, and my second and third subject area was Language arts and Physical education. and, finally for the motivation factor test, my motivation factor was independence. Then when it was matching my most compatible job it said that Biomedical Engineer was the best job for me because it aligned the most with my interests and to me, it was the profession I was the most interested in and wanted to do. The other jobs that matched with me were computer programmer and chemist.

True Colors Test

In the True colors test, the test gave us word clusters lettered from A to T with descriptive words that we had to pick from which we think describes us the most. My most prominent color was Gold. Because I am a gold personality the traits that are attributed to me are: I need to follow rules and respect authority, I have a strong sense of what is wrong and right in life, I need to be useful and belong, I value home, family, and tradition, and I am a natural preserver, a parent, and a helper. The test also gave us instances in our life like In Childhood or In relationships and how we would supposedly act. For me In childhood the traits were, I wanted to follow rules and regulations of the school. I understood and respected authority and was comfortable with academic routine and I was the easiest of all types of children to adapt to the education system. In relationships the traits were I am serious and tend to have traditional, conservative views of both love and marriage. I enjoy others who can work along with me, building secure, predictable relationships together and I demonstrate admiration through the practical things I do for the ones I love. At work I provide stability and can maintain organization. My ability to handle details and to work hard makes me the backbone of many organizations. I believe that work comes before play, even if I must work overtime to complete the task. For Leadership Style I got…Expects punctuality, order, loyalty, assumes “right” way to do things, seldom questions tradition, rules oriented, detailed/thorough approach - threatened by change, prolonged time to initiate any change, expects people to “play” their roles. Finally for Symptoms of a Bad day the traits were: Complaining and self-pity, anxiety and worry, depression and fatigue, psychosomatic problems, malicious judgments about yourself or others, herd mentality exhibited in blind following of leaders .authoritarianism and phobic reactions

Multiple Intelligence

The multiple intelligence that I posses are:

Logical Mathematical

learners think conceptually in logical and numerical patterns making connections between pieces of information. Always curious about the world around them, these learners ask lots of questions and like to do experiments.


learners try to see things from other people's point of view in order to understand how they think and feel. They have the ability to sense feelings, intentions and motivations. They use both verbal and non-verbal language to open communication channels with others.


learners try to understand their inner feelings, dreams, relationships with others, and strengths and weaknesses.



I am the happiest when I am surrounded by my friends and family.

I know how to encourage others and make them feel confident.

Everyone thinks I am excellent at my studies.

I always smile when I feel happy.

I am a Hard worker

I am a caring friend

I believe that people should treat others how they want to be treated and not discriminate against them for any reason.


The subject that I am the most interested in is technology. For me my main goal is to work in a field that allows me to work with technology. The reason why I love technology is because it fascinates me, how the computer receives data and transfers it into a form the user can see and use, how coding a computer works, how to build a computer; it has all been really interesting to me and I hope to work with technology in the future.

Values assessment

With the Values assessment, what it showed me was that the values that I valued the most over the others were relationships and achievement. To me, this is an accurate representation of me, because I do value relationships with others and my achievement the most because I feel like having a relationship is important because these are the people you work with on a daily basis, and that achievement is crucial to my success because you can succeed with achieving anything.


To conclude, that was my digital profile, which I hope gave you some insight into my life and the various projects that we did throughout the unit and my results.


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