Freiburg im Breisgau | Baden-Württemberg, Southwest Germany |

By: Ben Pfeiffer

Where is Freiburg?

Location of Freiburg

Research question: How does geography identify Freiburg as a city?

Thesis statement: The geography of Freiburg is an imperative physical and natural feature that identifies this city.

Major Geographical Attraction

The Black Forest Mountain Region

Freiburg's location in relation with the Black Forest
  • Borders the Black Forest
  • Major tourist attraction
  • Area: 2,320 square miles (Central Uplands & Rhine Valley)
  • Elevation: 4,898 feet
  • Highest point: Feldberg Mountain
Scots pine trees with forest fog
  • Dense, thick, and dark wooded forests
  • Often somber or gloomy opaque fog that fills the forests
  • Native tree species primarily include pine, oak, beech, and elm
Waterfall at Triberg
  • Bodies of water include lakes, rivers, and waterfalls
  • The Danube, Rhine, and Neckar Rivers all intersect the Black Forest
  • Rivers travel through both of the urban and rural areas of the City of Freiburg
Winter mountain snow
Black Forest reflection

Fun Facts

  • During the 17th Century, B.C., the Black Forest was regarded as being economically valuable due to the fact that wood, iron ore, and other natural resources were able to be efficiently mined or extracted.
  • As a result from the last ice age, there are only a few of the remaining native species of trees that naturally occur and grow in the Black Forest today.
  • There is a renown German dessert named Black Forest Cake and it consists of multiple layers of chocolate sponge cake, cherries, and whipped cream.

Conclusion: The Black Forest Mountain Region truly defines the natural or physical beauty, elegance, and picturesque views identifying Freiburg.

The End

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