Lou Gehrig By: Drew Roane

Lou Gehrig

Born June 19, 1903

Died June 2, 1941

Lou Gehrig was faced with many challenges in his early years. His dad was a drunk and couldn't keep a job as his mother cleaned and cooked for rich people in new your city. He lived in poverty most of his life. As he grew up his mom introduced him to sports such as baseball. He became a really good baseball player. After graduating high school he went to the university of Columbia. He studied engineering but also played on the schools baseball team. One game for Columbia Lou became a legend for striking out 17 batters.

After college the New York Yankees signed him with a 1,500$ contract. The Yankees also signed a deal to move his family to the suburbs. He became there first baseman. He had over 100 runs in his career. In 1931 he set the record by clubbing 184RBI. Then in 1932 he became the third player to hit 4 home runs in a game. Lou Gehrig had a huge accomplishment. He had a batting average of .316 during the World Series. He won 6 World Series.

During Lou Gehrig's last season he was off to a bad start. He checked himself into Mayo Clinic. After he checked himself in they started running test on him soon they found out he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. His diagnosis ended his baseball career. When Lou Gehrig was diagnosed with ALS it shocked doctors and they started looking into ALS more. Lou Gehrig helped out with the future study of ALS and if there's a cure. Lou Gehrig died of ALS at the age of 37.




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