Gabe and Izzy Report by isabella nardone

Gabe at first had a normal life. She was a dancer and was very athletic. She thought that nothing could stop her and she was determined to be the best dancer, but then she started noticing some Problems with her coordination and balance. She thought it meant that she would just have to work harder and she was ok with that. Then her parents and family started to notice so she went to the doctor To see if anything was wrong, the doctor just thought she had bad coordination. They did some more test and found out she had Friedreichs ataxia which meant she could no longer do dance and any athletic things and at some point no longer walk!

Once Gabe got through highschool things started to look a little better for her. She had convinced her mother that a dog is what she needed. She got a coonhound named Izzy. Soon people found out about Gabe And her condition, some even wanted her to speak at schools and assembly's about bullying and the effects it can have on people. At first she was a little hesitant and didn't know if she could do it. Soon she got up the courage to do it. Gabe found out that she could Help a lot of people through speaking about her struggles and how having Izzy by her side made it a lot better. She started doing speeches with schools all around the country, and with bigger groups too. Gabe and Izzy really ended up changing some peoples lives for the better. They did so much so that animal planet wanted to do a special on them and how they depend on eachother, to help themselves and other people.

Since Gabes condition was so life changing she had to learn to deal with it. She had a lot of struggles with it. She had to learn how to deal with the fact that she wouldn't be able to walk and other things that seemed normal to any other person. She also had struggles with Izzy. She had a similar disease that had to do with her muscle movement and had trouble walking too.

Gabe and Izzy inspired so many people that had disabilities or who were bullied see themselves for who they really were. They taught them not to give in and to keep fighting. She made them see that life is what you make it and not to throw it away because of bullying. She reached out to a lot of people through speeches, but even more on animal planet and the today show. The animal planet special aired more than 85 times with who knows how many people watching.


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