Adobe Bay Area Cycling club mountain biking ride Water Dog/Hidden Canyon Friday, April 28, 2017

Water Dog Lake Park & Hidden Canyon Park (known locally as Water Dog) is situated in the middle of Belmont and one of the best kept secrets in the Bay Area. Halfway between San Francisco and San Jose and with easy access to major highways, it is easy to forget that you're riding in the middle of a major metropolitan area.
Mountain Biking consists of two directions; up and down

As the group made its way up to the top of the canyon, people could sense that something would be waiting for them at the top.

The grind to the top continues...
Everyone looking on as Josh Cory shows us how it's done!

After cresting to the top of the canyon, we were treated to one of the best days that Water Dog has to offer, which is unobstructed views of the Bay Area!

Once you reach the top of the canyon, the trail borders many of the homes that line the top of the park.

The best part about the day was it brought together people from different groups within the company and we were all enjoying the camaraderie.

It was great to get new riders out on our second ride and we plan to have an active schedule this summer with new trails for us to explore.

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Steve Sunwoo

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