Appreciating Singapore's public transport system

These are Singapore's transport systems.For those without their own cars,they use these in everyday life.
This Singapore's bus.There are many buses in Singapore and different numbers take different routes in Singapore so that every bus stop is covered.
This is another type of Singapore's transport system,the taxi.It is a much more expensive option but it gets you to your destination without any other stops.
This is one of Singapore's train transports,LRT also known as Light Rail Transit.It's purpose is to transport people around one estate
This is another one of Singapore's train systems,SMRT.It goes around the whole of Singapore but many of the trains are split up to take a certain line.
This is another form of taxi's but you can book it on your phone.It is a cheaper and reliable way for locals to travel around Singapore.
We should learn to appreciate and respect the transport systems in Singapore because without them we will not be able to travel anywhere.
Thank you for reading this and hope you learned something from it.

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