My Genius Hour Expedition We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.-Friedrich Nietzsche

Week 1 - 3/3/17

I started my research today. My topic is 10 decades of the top dance moves. What I want to know is How has the kind of music with it change? How do the style of the moves differentiate through the time? How does dance affect life and culture in time? Today my goal is to answer at least one of my questions that were in my proposal. The question that I am going to start with the first question I mentioned. What I know about it already is that with so many dance move they are some what similar, but differentiate at the same time. Also, I admire that each move has it's own story to it. I found out that with the time changing is a factor to the music, but the moves get faster or having a different groove with them that they can be unique. I am happy with what I found today I believe that I have been very successful with my research.

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