My Career Research Project By: Jessica Johnson


The E stands for Extravert. The N stands for iNtuitive. The F stands for Feeling. The J stands for Judging.

My two highest Naviance career interest profile scores are artistic and social. Artistic does reflect who I am because I love to sing, act, and dance. I also love to perform and be creative. Social also reflects who I am because I love working with others and helping people. I am a very good communicator when speaking to others.

When I grow up I want to be a kindergarten teacher. I believe that this career is best for me because I love being around children and I also love teaching others about fun facts and interesting topics. Being a kindergarten teacher entails preparing young students for future schooling when they are older. Includes teaching the basics of subjects such as math and english.

To become a kindergarten teacher I will need to have a bachelors degree in elementary education. In some states I may need a masters degree. Also, if I would like to teach in a public school I will need a state-issued license or certification. Depending on what state I'm in I may need to major in a specific subject such as math or science. Teachers typically enroll in a teacher preparation program. Before becoming a full time teacher I will most likely need to have experience in student teaching.

These three colleges offer my intended major...

Duke University is located in Durham, North Carolina.
Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Clemson University is located in Clemson, South Carolina.

This is one club that may help me prepare for my intended career...

Teachers need to create lessons plans on what to teach such as, reading and social studies. As a teacher i must be able to teach students how to communicate and study with others. I will need to evaluate the students which will most likely be done by giving assignments or assessing them. However, before the children are assessed teachers must make sure the students understand the concept of the topic. Teachers must have good social skills because they will need to communicate with the student and their parents for good or bad reasons. In order for the students to behave properly teachers enforce classroom rules for the children to follow.
Kindergarten and elementary teachers can either work in a private or a public school. most states have tenure laws which means that after a person teaches for many years they will achieve job security. when students develop new skills and learn new information it can be rewarding for teachers, however, teaching can be stressful. sometimes schools do not have proper teaching tools which can be frustrating for some people. Teachers are responsible for how well their students do on standardized tests.
A teachers work schedule consists of school hours and also meeting with parents ans students before and after school. in the evenings and on weekends teachers are usually grading assignments or planning lessons. they Work a ten month year and get two months off in the summer.
The future of kindergarten and elementary school teachers in total occupations is at 7%. In the years 2014-2024 the amount of jobs for kindergarten and elementary teachers will increase by 87,800. A great number of older teachers are expected to reach retirement by 2014-2024 so, the demand for new teachers will increase after those teachers retire.
The median salary for a teacher is $53,760. One's salary may increase as time goes on in their career. Teachers with a masters degree or a national certificate often earn a better salary. Also, towards the end of one's tenure a teacher may earn up to $75,000. Before researching this topic I did not know that a teacher with a masters degree most likely will earn more than a teacher with only a bachelors degree.

After researching the career I am definitely still interested in pursuing it. I am most interested in teaching children the basics of all subjects and helping them grow and develop. I like the idea of helping children understand simple concepts that will help them in their future. I will most likely worry about if they actually understand what I would be teaching them. I would not want to have a student who is confused and does not understand take an assessment and not do well on it. I am eager to have this career because I love working with children and I think creating fun lessons for students to help them fully understand the topic sounds like fun. If things do not work out in this career three other jobs that are similar to a kindergarten teacher are childcare worker, preschool teacher, and special education teacher.

If a kindergarten teacher does not work out, similar careers are...

Special education teacher,

a childcare worker,

and a preschool teacher.

But my number one career choice is a kindergarten teacher!


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