2016 Summer Olympic Scandals By: Tommy Mcneill

On August 14 during the 2016 summer Olympics Ryan Lochte and three other teammates were allegedly forced out of there taxi by police and were robbed at gunpoint late in the night.

After further investigation new video evidence surfaced showing Lochte and his teammates vandalizing a local gas station. After this startling reveal the Olympic swimmer made a statement saying that he was drunk and the damages caused by him were vastly overstated.

Lochtes statements were proved to be false and was suspended from all swimming and Olympics events for ten months and lost many major endorsements such as Speedo and Ralph Lauren.

Another scandal that shook the Rio Olympics was the revelation of large scale doping in Russia and the governments involvement.

Above is a picture of a former RUSADA(Russian anti doping agency.) employ named Vitaly Stepanov who contacted WADA(World anti doping agency.) with a surplus of three hundred Emails exposing state run doping labs.

After WADA found out about the wide spread state doping all Russian athletes were banned from participating in the Olympic games.

Another scandal worth mentioning is the poor conditions the Australian team had to live in. After voicing their opinions on social media the mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes offered them a kangaroo to make them feel at home.

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