Kalindi Khal is one of the most challenging treks in the Garhwal Himalayas. The trek starts from Gangotri and goes through Nandavan, the base of the Bhagirathi peaks, a place that offers an unparallel view of the Shivling peak. The trail moves on to Vasukital (4900 M). With towering peaks all around the lake, its surface shimmers like a pearl and is the source of the Vasuki Ganga that drains into the Mandakini. From here one climbs on to Sweta Glacier and begin the challenging crossing of the Kalindikhal. The trail then descends to Arwatal and to Mana the last village on the Chinese frontier. The trek fittingly ends at Badrinath with a visit to the holy temple.

Celebrations in Rishikesh

Making the Road to Gangotri

Gangotri Temples and worshipers

Trekking up to the Gangotri Glacier

Source of the Ganges - Gomukh, "Mouth of a Cow", the snout of the glacier.

The Source of the Ganges

Shivling Peak

After British exploration of the Gangotri Glacier in 1933, a German expedition led by R. Schwarzgruber climbed nearby peaks and did a reconnaissance of Shivling in 1938. They reported "no feasible route" on the mountain due to its steepness and the threat of falling seracs.

Shivling was first climbed on 3 June 1974 via the west ridge, by a team from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, led by Hukam Singh. The ridge is the lowest-angle feature on the mountain, but still involves serious mixed climbing, and is threatened by the serac barrier noted by the Germans. The ridge leads to the col between the two summits; a steep snow/ice ridge then leads to the main summit.

Blue Sheep wandering around Camp

Our Lads

Trekking on the Glacier

Bit of a scramble to get of the Glacier

Just crossed 5000m

Great Camp site

Camp sites getting a bit rocky

Finally arriving near Kalindi Kal Pass

Kalindi Kal Base Camp

Early Start to cross the pass

Heading up

Still heading up

Nearly there


Not quite there yet


Yes.... on top of the pass

On the top of the Kalindi Kal

On the way down

Back in Civilisation

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