Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum By: Nick Oelrich

Medium of the Art

This piece of art was unlike anything I observed in the entire Harn Museum and immediately stood out to me when I walked through the entrance. The piece had an abstract orientation with various colors and shapes that was astounding to witness in person. The name of the piece was the "American Abstraction" which I felt was extremely fitting. To me the piece spoke about diversity in the United States of America. The pieces of all different shapes, all different colors, did not fit together in a picture perfect puzzle but the overall work was more beautiful because of its diversity.

Design of the Museum

The wing of the museum that I found most appealing was the outdoor wing. The landscape, the atmosphere, and the scenery made this wing of the museum particularly appealing. From the moment I stepped outside, my entire demeanor changed. Instantly I felt relaxed and at peace. I felt the landscape was as much a work of art as any of the pieces indoors. The coordination of the flowers and ferns along with the small ravine that ran through the garden culminated the perfect outdoor blend. The wing used an appropriate amount of space to achieve the desired effect on its audience. Any smaller, the true beauty of the landscape may have been overlooked, any bigger, the wing may have been overwhelming and take away from the other wings.

Art and Core Values

This piece of artwork brought forth many of my core values. This work was done by an artist named Rafael Tufino. Tufino was born in Puerto Rico and grew up working hard in the fields of Puerto Rico growing coffee beans. His art depicts his family working hard in the fields in an attempt to produce a crop they needed to survive. To me this piece evoked a sense of hard work and dedication which are amongst the top of my core values. When I observed this piece it was as if the painting came alive and I could visualize Tufino and his family in the fields sweating in the sun, hoeing the land, and planting their crops. This picture inspired me to work hard just as Tufino and his family did to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.

Art and The Good Life

The piece of work that I felt best conveyed a Good Life theme was this "untitled" piece done by John Chamberlain in 1973. The piece conglomerates a diverse group of items and pieces them together to make a unique piece. I feel that these pieces of foil represent experiences in your life and the work as a whole represents The Good Life. Without any one of the experiences, the Good Life will not be complete. Contrarily, any one experience or piece standing alone is not necessarily anything special. Together they are beautiful; together the piece embodies what the Good Life is.

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