Go from customer contact to customer loyalty by SAP


Understand your customers and engage them with seamless, personalized content. Give them the freedom to explore and interact – and choose you.

Watch the introduction video below about SAP Customer Experience and find out how we can help you to create the best customer experience.

Build Lasting Customer Relationships With the Latest Sales Cloud Innovations

Sales and revenue are at the heart of every organisation and as markets change or hit turbulent times, businesses need the agility to adjust selling processes quickly and at scale. More than ever customers are expecting the freedom to interact, freedom to explore and freedom to choose the solutions that best fits their needs. With SAP Sales Cloud, companies can engage with customers and deliver exceptional experiences by empowering their sales teams with intelligent, insightful and intuitive sales tools.

Building Lasting Customer Relationships With the Latest Service Cloud Innovations

Customer service is key to customer loyalty and retention, and today, it’s more important than ever before. Digitally enabled customers are looking for freedom to explore and solve their problems and freedom to engage with service agents whenever and how ever they choose. SAP Service Cloud continues to innovate to help companies thrive by providing the speedy and reliable service that their customers expect. With SAP Service Cloud, companies can provide their customers with consistent omnichannel service, empower service teams to deliver service excellence and increase the overall productivity of the service organization.

Go from customer contact to customer loyalty

Go from cost centre to experience driver with all your X- and O-data on a single platform, helping you deliver breakthrough contact centre experiences that reduce churn and drive unwavering loyalty from your customers

Outcomes delivered:

- Resolve customer issues faster to reduce churn and increase loyalty

- Gather X-Data in real time from live voice calls, chatbots, SMS, IVR and many more

- Share real-time metrics with agents, team leads and more

- Identify improvements with the biggest impact on the experience AND your bottom line

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Parastoe Koshai: Account Executive - Customer Experience at SAP | ‘Supporting companies to optimize their sales and service processes’
Daniel Blokmaker: SAP - Customer Experience Sales Executive | "If you don't understand people, you don't understand Business"
Parwana Moslemi: Account Executive at SAP | ‘Supporting customers to innovate and be more successful’


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