Watermeland Love at first bite

The people who live in Watermeland are required to have a strong passion for watermelon!

Most houses in Watermeland look similar to this. Each house size depends on how many family members you have. Watermeland mainly attracts young families because of its playful and loving environment!

A fun interactive playground will be be located right next to the community pool of Watermeland. Free watermelon is provided to swimmers and players.

There is a mini golf course right inside the park for families to enjoy! It's super crazy and colorful for little kids!

A watermelon garden is grown on the outskirts of town for all citizens to care for!

Free wifi for all in the community!

Watermeland is a wonderful place to spend your life! This community is just for watermelon lovers and people who have a real passion for the fruit watermelon. With updated homes, parks and pools, and mini golf, the town of Watermeland is the perfect area to grow for young families. Watermeland receives their perfect, round, juicy watermelons from a secret island in the middle of the Caribbean. Nobody but the citizens know about this island. The island is able to grow the best watermelon all year, so Watermeland can munch on the best fruit in the entire world all of the time! Also, every year, on the first day of summer, Watermeland holds a Watermelon Festival. All townsmen gather together for games, music, dancing, and of course... watermelon! So, if you love watermelon, the caring, loving, and helping community of Watermeland is the perfect place for you!


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