The 3-2-1. Tech @ CSD: News & Tips for Teachers

Today is Sunday, March 5, 2017. I'm not going to say, "I told you so" about Moonlight. (But we all know I did.)

On these pages, you'll find:

  • the TOP 3 technology ideas we're think about this week,
  • 2 TIPS to help things work a little better in your classroom, and
  • the SINGLE issue that is keeping us from technological greatness.

This week's TOP3.

  • Optimizing each campus' WiFi coverage. Nucentric has completed its review of the placement of WiFi access points in the K7 building and recommended that we change locations for some devices and add a few others to the mix. We will review the recommendations this Spring and plan to budget for the upgrade this summer.
  • Matching the device to the use. We are making a gradual shift from equipping all classrooms in exactly the same way to ensuring that all classrooms share common functionality: 1) dedicated access to a personal device for each teacher; 2) developmentally appropriate access to durable devices for students; 3) interactive projection; and 4) reliable access to the Internet and shared printers. We may get there in different ways classroom to classroom. In any given 4-year replacement cycle you may find that you are sitting on the leading edge, the on-deck circle, or the reliable middle. Classroom observations will help us stay on top of developing needs and make planning and forecasting more reliable and predictable.
  • Food for thought: We have a high school student who is working to develop a MakerSpace cart for teachers and students to use in their classrooms during center time. If you're not quite sure what the buzz is about, check the Tech4Teachers magazine for an Education Week article in which school librarians make the case for these high/low tech creative spaces for students.


  • Apple devices can get a little finicky over time with signing on to WiFi: If your Apple device stubbornly refuses to throw you the WiFi sign-in page, do two things. First, assure yourself the device does see the network by looking at that little ))) indicator at the top right to see if it is filled in--that is, there are few or no grayed-out bars in the indicator. Next, turn your device off completely and turn it on again. Sometimes they truly just need that hard little smack to wake them up.
  • Remember that you need to sign in to the network once per day to be connected. If you don't see a log in screen when you first get on your wireless device (ChromeBooks are the exception!) at school in the morning you do not yet have full Internet access. To log on with no log in screen in sight . . . See tip #1 above.


MISSED It by that much.

It is wrong to rejoice in other people's misfortune. But it sure does help to offer a reality check some days. You should have received an email message I forwarded from MCNC (our Internet access provider) on Friday. It announced a rare hiccup in their service because a circuit failed in Winston-Salem. My sense is that we were not affected, but I did want to share for two reasons: 1) even the best fall down sometimes (echoing a lyric from a good song) and 2) though such announcements are extremely rare from MCNC, I'll pass along the information so that you're not left wondering what happened. (Remember, you may not receive that information until you get home or look at a cellular device. Chances are if MCNC is down, our wired and wireless connections will be down too!)

Don't forget: wired pcs and laptops, CSD.local domain, wireless or wired Internet connection, etc. AND SEND A SCREENSHOT!!!!!! (Know that we will poke back and insist on a screenshot. It is the most efficient way to help us diagnose what's up.)

Tech Team Students are available for triage and diagnosis ONLY. Please do not tempt them to make changes to your device! They remain on provisional licenses only!

See you next week!
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