Wolves In Yellowstone By Joy

The wolves of yellow stone national park were removed from the park in 1926 and were reintroduced in 1995 because the ecosystem was not balanced. The wolfs were removed because they did not have protection. I think reintroducing the wolves was a good idea.

I got all this information from two videos watched in class they were called wolf reintroduction changes ecosystem and the other was called wolf reintroduction. Here is my information. Yellowstone national park’s wolves were removed in 1926. They were reintroduced because the ecosystem was unbalanced because the ecosystem was super unbalanced because a lot of the animals left the park and the elk population exploded and they ate almost all the grass they had to even the ecosystem out again.

Bringing back the wolves wasn’t all good. First of all the wolves could eat all the elk but more importantly the farmers in rage of yellow stone, one local farmer said “I was surprised to see that they actually brought back the wolves when they are so close to farmers” that farmer kept saying that for weeks when the wolves were reintroduced.

Why I think reintroducing wolves back into yellow stone was a good idea because there were too many elk and when there's too many elk they eat most of the grass without being worried about being eaten and also the other animals of yellow stone left the park and that wasn’t good because then yellow stone was not yellow stone and also the whole ecosystem was just so off. They had to just had to bring the wolves back because yellow stone national park was just not yellow stone national park with the wolves.

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