Advertising Unit Ronald chan

  • Tapping into desire and creating need
  • getting out a message + shifting the product
  • using images or words
  • creates illusion that it's directed at you, the individual viewer
  • ads are everywhere - can't escape them
  • $450 billion spend annually
  • Coca-cola's ad spending has lead to worldwide brand reconition
  • Create personalities or characters representing the product to make viewers connect to the product more
  • Advertising isn't everything, in the end the final product is the most important
  • In the past, 'cryers' were one of the most ancient ways of advertising. A person usually accompanied by a musician, showed the crowds new products to buy and trade.
  • Printing changed advertisement, mass communication, more sophisticated as times goes on
  • Advertisements stereotype how male and females should look like, a standard
  • ^ leads to eating disorders, diminishing self esteem, gender stereotypes...

Rosser Rever

  1. Simplistic repetitive boasts - the hard sell
  2. irritating your way into people's consciousness
  3. Unique selling position = reason why
  4. Direct and strident - repetetive
  5. Highlighting product was different than the others on market
  6. repetition of the USP - association

Bill Bernbach

  1. more sophisticated audience - more sophisticated advertising
  2. recognizes audience has a brain
  3. blending creativity and art with the demand of marketing commence
  4. broke wall between viewers ad+product adertised
  • Male representation is unrealistic as different people have different body types. Advertisements often portray men as muscular and buff.
  • People are affected by these representations as they feel that they need to be like that as well, putting pressure on themselves.
  • V-line, abs, biceps, triceps, pecs...
This photo is a mid shot of a young caucasian mode with a soft composition and uses a vertical shot. He is shaved with minimal to no body hair. He is half naked so show off his body shape and musculature. Digital enhancements are in place to better emphasise his 'v-line', biceps, triceps, pecs... Minimal text prevents distraction from the main focus, the model. The blurred MERICA flag at the back
  1. A muscular male model stands right in front of the camera.
  2. The male model in shaved, minimal body hair
  3. Half naked
  4. emphasises the 'v-line'
  5. Always young and attractive
  6. mid shot
  7. digital enhancements are in place. (emphasises muscles and shades)
  8. Minimal text, doesn't distract from the male model whom is the main focus
  9. Caucasian male

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