Summer Ball Book Review by caroline, mms

Has anyone ever told you that you aren’t good enough? Danny faced this problem with kids, even mature adults, just because he was a couple inches shorter for his age. In Mike Lupica’s book, Summer Ball, Danny just wanted to be accepted by his coach, Coach Powers, at Right Way basketball camp. So then he became friends with Rasheed, who Coach Powers favored, and they both proved to him that Danny was extraordinary, even though he was small. They had won all of their games, so then came the championship against Lamar’s team. Lamar was a guy who thought Danny was nothing more than a little dude at camp that had no skills whatsoever, but Danny proved him wrong in so many ways. When it came to Danny’s size, he didn’t really care because he knew he was capable of so much. Yeah, he totally wouldn’t mind being a little bit taller, but he was amazing just the way he was.

It was really inspiring when Danny jumped up and blocked Lamar’s shot because he proved to him that he was better at basketball than Lamar thought. Danny wasn’t just a boy from Middletown, he was a boy from Middletown who could BALL.

The book shows you that you need to keep your head up and stay hopeful. Danny teaches you that when he goes through so much but he still manages to stay strong and confident in himself. Danny got teased and faced many problems, but he still managed to keep his life together and deal with stuff at the same time.

Even when he got made fun of and laughed at, he still kept a positive attitude towards even the things he hated the most. With his super judgmental coach saying hurtful things to him, he managed to stay motivated.

. Danny is super short for his age, but he learns that your height doesn’t matter. It’s your love and dedication for the game that counts.

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