This year in Science and beyond! a lesson and an introduction

This year we will be learning about science differently than you're perhaps used to. Instead of just using textbooks and conducting labs we'll be using an integrated approach.
What does that mean? It means that instead of thinking about "science" as a subject all alone we'll be using it and learning about it in relation to other subjects like engineering, technology, math, and art.

That's great Ms. B.... But what's with the rug backgrounds?!

We'll get to that in a second but first let's take a peek at some videos. Pay attention because you're going to use this information!

These were two very different processes right? What do they both have in common? What are some differences? As a table group take five minutes to make a list of as many different aspects of rug making as you can think of.

*Cue Jeopardy song*
Did you have shearing, spinning the wool, planning the pattern, or choosing the colors?

The point of thinking about this is to realize how many different skills, and different types of knowledge are required to make something as simple as a rug. Science is no different, it requires many different skills, information, and types of thinking.

Now that we've got our toes wet let's dig in.

Take five minutes to search for what S.T.E.A.M is. If you already know what the letters stand for then take the time to write down your own personal definitions the word mean as well as what sorts of things you think of when you hear those words.

Talk with a classmate. Are your ideas or the information you found similar?

We might have very different ideas or information about what these word mean. When we're researching something, or conducting experiments, we might come up with very different theories as to why something is happening. Keep this in the back of your mind as we go over each of the words in S.T.E.A.M together.

What is science?

Learning about science is asking questions like "why is the world like this? How does this work?" and using what you know or can observe to try and answer those questions.

What is technology?

We can think of technology as the tools we use to answer our scientific questions and the study of using answer to a practical end. It's application!

What's Engineering?

We can think of engineering as the creation of technologies. It's the physical product.

What about Art?

Art is about expression, shape, and form. It's creating for the purpose of making you feel some emotion.

And Math?

Math is about measurement, recording, charting, and tracking change.

Lets bring it all together and think about how these apply to a rug.

Science: We might start out with asking ourselves "why do we want this rug? What properties will it need? What kinds of rugs are there? How big of a rug do I need? How do I make one?"
Technology: Then we would think about the technologies we need to make the rug. We might need sheering scissors to cut the wool, combs to comb the wool, a spinning wheel to spin the wool, a loom to weave it, paper and pencil to draw up the pattern.
Engineering: Then we would create the rug. We would decide on a size, experiment with how much wool or fabric we needed, figure out the right tension so that the rug doesn't have holes or bunch up, etc.
Art: We would decide on our colors, the pattern, the placement of the rug in our house, etc. All this is done to create an aesthetic (a look), and a feeling. If we don't consider the art aspect then the rug may not sell or may not be used.
Math: We need math to measure out how much wool, yarn, or cloth we need. We use math to keep track of how many knots we make and to create the pattern. If your numbers are off you may not make the rug big enough or it could ruin your design and the aesthetic.
Think back to the videos on rug making and to your own experiences. Think about how location, culture, and people all influence how the rug is made, how it looks, or how it is used.
Shout it out! What did you think of?

Now let's take time to watch this news clip. Your homework will be based on it.

Fair warning boys it's on menstruation. but we're all very mature and can treat this topic with the respect it deserves.

Homework: Each of you will create a word document, recording, or poster of what you think the S.T.E.A.M aspects were in this clip. Or you could put what they could possibly be if you think they weren't addressed. You should have at least a couple sentences for each. EX: I think that the ___ was the science aspect shown in this situation because ___.
Prepare for next time: Next time we're in class we're going to look at the societal, and cultural aspects present in the clip. As a class we're decide what the challenges resulted from these aspects, and talk about how we might have approached the problem differently. Start thinking about these topics ahead of time so that you can contribute to our discussion.

Coming up next class: We will discuss the news clip. We will research how this issue has been treated in the past, as well as in other cultures. We will look into the connecting issues at play. We will research the information, and technologies, that have advanced our thinking about menstruation. Lastly, we will start working on a project where we try and tackle this problem ourselves.


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