The water cycle By gage miller

This is me in the ocean and I've been here for 5 years and to day is the day i get precipitated in to the clouds and im ready for it . Cause whenever your in the ocean you stay there for at leat a year be for you get precipitated into the clouds. And wen you pedal lived in the water for so long that's called accumulation
I'm getting precipitated into the air going into the clouds with all the others water droplets and ones there is a lot of us we gather up and we fell down to the ground and we don't know where were going to get evaporated
The finally were up in the clouds but not for that long in a little bite we will fall were ever we go and did you know we're billion of years old i can fell the cloud getting bigger then we started to fall now we all what and see what happens Ih'm hopping that I land in the lake,I hope I land in the ocean that means presipirasion
Great I have to go into ground water hopefully not for years like 5 year ago well there's nothing to do till i go some ware else good night everyone , good night .wee what's going on were going to the lake ok at least it's somewhere not here i look back and i see all the others sleeping I felt sad but i do see my mom and my dad hi mom and and dad meet us by the sand ok i will then all of the sudden it goes black we got stuck some kid blocked us then we saw it the lake its the fist time i have saw it in person other people have told me obout it and it sounded amazing
It look amazing i know it does lets go in the water and see how it fells it fells great


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