Black Lives Matter: Poetry and Art By Lisa Ncube

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Lisa Ncube has written a poem about racism and created a painting to accompany her words.

Mama: By Lisa Ncube

Untitled for now: By Lisa Ncube

Her skin isn’t ugly,

Her skin isn’t just dark,

There’s sweetness inside,

Rich culture inside,

Poor understanding outside,

Poorly educated outside,

I’m talking south and over there.

No mister, you cannot not sing that word,

No ma’am you cannot sing it either,

If you’re singing it alone in the shower,

You’ve automatically lost your power.

Stop telling me I’m refreshing, what does that even mean,

I’m not the only black person that sounds almost like the queen.

Solange said don’t touch my hair,

You vibe to the song, while you ask to touch my hair,

You then touch my hair before you finish that question,

You go through all of that just say ‘wow, is that real?’

Don’t worry, it’s not like that all the time,

I’m lucky to know a white bunch that vibe,

Kinda sad how it has to be about luck thing.

Met a boy, who knew so much and made me feel equal

In gender and race, damn was he special.

Have you ever met a white boy who acknowledges and appreciates your colour without the whole fetish bullshit or is not a culture vulture?

I bloody have.


Created with an image by Clay Banks - "Man walks in front of a Black Lives Matter flag (IG: @clay.banks)"