Oceania Morgan Baese, Abigail alley, lauren hill

Our motto is: always be yourself... Unless you can be a mermaid, then always be a mermaid. BUT... HERE YOU CAN BE BOTH!!

Our flag


A secret island above land and underwater off the coast of Australia.


Oceania there are many plants and animals. Everyone is assigned an animal for above ground and underwater. You can ride you animal under water. You can breath underwater with a special plant that you eat, you can stay underwater with a maximum amount of time which is 2 hours. Oceania is also an island which is very large but we can only have up to 2,000 people. No nature can be destroyed.


Everyone is nondenominational Christian. There is a Daily bible study for an hour which is held in the town circle. There is no discouragement.


First you have to fill out an application. Then if you have a good application you take a test if you pass then you get to come live on our island. There are 3 queens witch they all have a simbol to represent the island Lauren(heart), Morgan(cross) and Abigail(flower). There is a old wise man member who will be chosen to watch over and protect Oceania. There is always peace no war. If you break the rules you will have leave the community.


You take a personallity test to see what job you get. You get a house after the different stages of your life. Such as when you are 18 you get an apartment, when you get married you get a 2 bedroom house and the more kids you have the more rooms you get. When you get your houses the is standerd houses but if you pay extra then you can chose exactly what it looks like. Everyone gets 2,000 dollars a month plus the money from there job. You have to pay 4,000 dollars a year to pay to live in Oceania.


Depending on the job you get you will be taught by a machine that goes over what you need to know how to do your job. The machine sends the information to your brain. Plants that you eat can make you breath underwater. Oceania is very futuristic. The first 50 people(25 guys and 25 girls) on the island get to chose their genes and what the look like.

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