Butterfly Garden An original by emma devine

This photo is particularly interesting to me because the butterfly's body reminds me of the intimate change that the butterfly experiences. This butterfly was born a little sack and grew in its little cocoon until it was ready to fly. This simple butterfly reminds us that everything comes full circle eventually. This naturalistic creature gives me hope that I will eventually find my purpose. One day, I hope to care for the people who have experienced the same issues I have. I want to give them better support than I received. This blue and brown butterfly trusted me to get close with a camera, unlike a lot of the butterflies there, which encouraged me to be more trusting.
This presentation caught my eye immediately because I love genetics, as I am a microbiology major. The hottest debate with genetics, especially with animals and humans is ethics: what should be considered right and wrong, what can be morally justified, and what provides boundaries. This presentation demonstrates the intricate relationship between ethics and nature. The box titled "Experiments Galore" can be ethically questionable, considering animals cannot give their consent for such experiments and other variables. Butterflies are supposed to be in the wild and not harnessed for testing purposes and subject to harmful x-rays. However, when experimenting on animals and butterflies, researchers still have boundaries and ethics to consider and abide by, also showing the connection between ethics and nature.
This picture demonstrates the majesty of nature and particularly butterflies, because it shows how delicate they truly are. Before this picture was taken, a little girl behind me said, "hey butterfly, don't run into me. I don't want to hurt you." Her passing words were not only adorable, but also made me realize how delicate life truly is. A butterfly could be hurt if it flies into a human hard enough; however, as feeble as it may be, it also nourishes life and offers humans so much more than just beauty. That is true royalty- not only being appealing to the eye, but nourishing and life-sustaining and important.

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