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I use apps on my iPad and iPhone to make logos and other bits and pieces. I find it fun and challenging to see how far I can go with just starting a project from the ground up on a mobile device. The apps I use are Assembly (a vector based app for making logos) Illustrator Draw (a vector based drawing app from Adobe) iMovie (a video editing app), Movie Looks (a colour correction video app) and lots more.

I made the logo with the Assembly app, you can make sticker packs for iMessage and logos. It's a vector based design app that gives you lots of great options for designing a logo or a sticker pack from the ground up. The "Let's Make Things" slogan was made with Adobe Post. Assembly Youtube linkhttps://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=mwi2eVdJgDA

Some cool Assembly bits!

A concept of the SEGA Game Gear 2. Not a real thing in the making. With the advances in mobile devices, I thought the Game Gear needed a super ridiculous upgrade.

My Logos.

My logos where also made with the app Assembly, I also made one with I don't Adobe Illustrator Draw.

This is the one I ended up sticking with. I liked the Wifi looking shape with my initials in big bubble text.
This one looked cool, but I thought it was a bit plain, it also looked like a football or a Net Ball.
I had started the idea of my logo looking like a app on iOS. I may use this again but with out the text.

Some other bits I made with the app Assembly.

I like this one without the Little circles in the bottom one left and right. I also think this one works better without the headpiece.
Not likening the headpiece, but the HUD looks really cool.
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