Go Kart Project Aaron m. spock

Problem Statement: The goal is to make a drilled power go kart that passes a pass drag strip, road course and super mileage test. We are provided a 18V drill, ¾” plywood, wood glue and miscellaneous hardware like screws with a $25 budget. This go kart is due by the end of the marking period.



We are going to have three wheels on our kart


This is the gear ratio that we will use to power our wheels https://woodgears.ca/gear/walters2.jpg


This is an above view of our sketch
This is a side view of our cart


This is the frame of our kart
This is another picture of our kart, but you can see the fron axel pieces on top of the seat.
This is a photo the steering system.
This is a photo of us cutting out the wheel well for our back wheel.

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