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Make sure to try on all your outfits in the mirror a week before your session to make sure you like how they fit. If you have larger breasts, buy bras and outfits with support. Buy outfits that show off your favorite assets and hide your problem areas. Pack the night before your session so you will have time to remember if you forgot to pack something. Bring extra panties and stockings (if you are bringing stockings) if you have any.

Here are some things you should NOT do before your session. Do not spray tan for at least a week before your session. Do not eat a heavy meals for 12 hours before your session. You don't want to feel bloated. Do not experiment with beauty practices before your session. Now is not the time to try new things lol do what you KNOW works. Stay covered up in the sun before your session, you want to avoid sun burn or tan lines. Do not go out the night before your session and do not stay up late. You do not want to look tired in your photos.

A few more tips for getting ready for your session are if you will have your hair cut or colored, your nails done, or have a wax, do so at least 3 days before your session so you have time to correct anything. Bring shoes and jewelry to match your outfits. The higher the heels, the better! Also drink a lot of water the day before your session.

I also recommend a pedicure before your session. The bottom of your feet will show in some of the photos and you don't want "dirty" looking feet.

The day of your session you should try to choose loose clothing to wear to the studio. If possible do not wear a bra or underwear. You don't want them to squeeze you and leave lines on your skin

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