Clase Quino Color Museum A study on the influence of color

Making the tickets...

We explored color, music and feelings by doing a Kandinsky art experiment.

We practiced our social skills by inviting our 6th grade buddies to be our first customers.

We explained how each exhibit worked. Hamilton is showing Leila how transparency and color mixing works on a light box.

Giuliana was helping Grace and John do an experiment to see if the color black really is black.

We discovered that no, it is not!

Clase Quino practiced writing skills and published 6 books on various topics. Hannah did a great job explaining the writing process and ideas behind each book.

Señorita Raquel learns about the color black with Henry.

Emanuel and Wyatt were the color wheel czars! They explained to their guests what primary and secondary colors are and even taught some Spanish words to those who don't speak it.

Every exhibit featured writing and art work by each student explaining the processes of each activity.

What is camouflage? Hannah explains.

We did a literature study and created our own masterpieces based on Eric Carle's book, "The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse".

We had many steps in making these beautiful pieces, here is Hudson's purple elephant!

Let's bring some math into it! We are going to count and graph how many visitors we had at our Color Museum, hopefully we have the same amount of Perry Pesos (the Clase Quino currency).

Admit one...

Parents, grandparents and some teachers came to our first project.

Everything looks rosy to Craig Sakowitz!

Tashi teaches her dad about color.

Wyatt helped Parker's mom learn some color words in Spanish at the Color Wheel exhibit.

Kieran explains an exhibit to Henry's dad.

Hola Señorita Dana!

Thanks for learning about our color museum!

(Bonus Clase Quino book photo)


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