The Horrible Hole By: Tip Browne

What did I ever do to deserve this? I asked myself as the medical center came into view


It had been a long day and I was just getting ready for my last hike. I looked down at my hiking permit. It read, AARON SHARPE, AGE: 27, 4 DAY PERMIT. One last hike then i’ll head back, just one more. I thought to myself as beads of sweat from the humid Utah air rolled off my forehead. I could almost smell the humidity in the air. The mountain, or, should I say large hill was called Mt. Sony. It was right next to a bush of prickly cactus. I looked at my waterproof watch, it was almost 4 o’clock and the sun was going down fast. It was a Saturday. I had two days left before I had to take the plane back to Chicago.

I took a step onto it with my hiking shoe. I could feel some vibrations as I stepped on, but I wasn't worried. I took another, then another, and another until there was no turning back. Slippery, but that shouldn't matter. I thought. I thought I could feel some vibrations in the ground, but I wasn't worried. It seemed like it was getting slicker and slicker as I went up. I felt more vibrations. I paused and took a look around. There's nobody on the mountain right now, and I don't see any falling rocks.

I was more than halfway up the mountain when I grabbed onto a loose rock. The rock popped right out and I fell backwards a couple of feet before stopping myself. That was a close one, thank god I had my backpack to break my fa-. Suddenly, the vibrations came back but this time the dirt and rubble below me started to shake then collapsed sending me falling down. I grabbed onto something but that fell too. I fell what felt like 100 feet into a mountain of dirt. I got up, then I realized what had happened. The dirt below me collapsed into a hole, taking me with it.

“This can’t be happening! There has to be a way out of here; the center is going to be worried sick!” I said, shaking. I reached for my backpack but it wasn't there. I turned on my headlight and looked around. I saw some of my backpack’s contents scattered throughout the hole. Water bottle, rope, and lots and lots of rocks. This water should be able to last me till tomorrow night. That gives me a day to get out of here or else I'm history. It was getting late now, I made a makeshift dirt bed and turned off my headlight.

I woke up the next day to the sound of a cry from some sort of animal outside of the hole. This reminded me of something. I opened up the battery cover and took out the picture of my wife and daughter. I miss them so much. I thought, my eyes watering. I just want to play with my daughter and hug her and tell her how much I love her. I thought. But I mustn't give up, I am determined to get out of this hole, not just for me, but for my family. I told myself, as I shoved the picture back in.

I took in my surroundings before noticing the rocks in the side. I have an idea, i’ll climb out of here, I'm good at that. I got up and put my hands on the wall, then started climbing. I was halfway up the wall. This is easy, easier than that other mountain I cli-. I grabbed onto another rock then suddenly, it slipped out sending me 10 feet back down. I blacked out as soon as I hit the dirt and rubble at the bottom of the hole.

I was woken up what seemed like 5 minutes later by dirt being thrown onto my face. I got up and saw some sort of mole digging in the dirt for something. I watched it while trying not to disturb it. Suddenly, it pulled out my rope with its mouth. It then looked over at me and scampered up the wall and out of the hole. I dug around in the dirt and found my water bottle then I took a swig. After thinking, I had a plan, I was going to get out of the hole by tonight.

Done. I said to myself. I had attached part of a rock to my rope. I was going to throw it out of the hole around a shrub I had spotted. I got up with my rope and rock, got a wide stance, and threw as hard as I could at the general direction of the shrub. I heard a loud crash and leaves shaking. I pulled on the rope and it didn't budge. Yes! My plan worked! I'm finally getting out of here! I put one hand on then my other and lifted myself off the ground. Reach, pull, reach, pull, this went on for 30 seconds until I was almost at the top.

I stopped and paused when abruptly, the rope started to slip, then it fell, taking the shrub down the hole with it. I quickly grabbed onto to a rock but suffered a huge gash down my arm in the process. I was dangling from the rock. I was struggling to get up when I remembered what the hiking coach had once told me when I was little boy. “Push with your feet and pull with your arms if you’re getting up a wall. You may not think this is important but trust me, you'll need to know it later.” I pushed against the hole wall and pulled myself up with my hands and got up the hole. I was finally out of the hole.


I went to open the door to the center.

“Oh my god are you ok?” asked a medic that rushed to the door.

“No, I've suffered a huge gash on my arm, and I'm losing blood fast.” I replied.

“Ok, let's hurry you inside and get you some stitches.” replied the medic.

“Thank you.” I said as I was rushed inside.

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Tip Browne

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