French Revolution Poster Lily chesler


1. Type of government- republic which means that the citizens have supreme power to elect leaders of the country.

2. Any gender or ethnicity just required to be a French Citizen which a least 18 years of age.


1. Labor force by occupation- agriculture: 3%, industry: 21.3%, service: 75.7%

2. Unemployment rate- 10.5%

3. Population below the poverty line- 8.1%

4. Export partners- Germany, Spain, and USA are the top three exports

5. Import partners- Germany, Spain, and USA are the top three importers


1. Internet users- 81.9%

2. Mobile phone users- 50.1 million

Transnational issues:

1. Illicit drugs has been a problem lately for France. Drugs like marijuana and cocaine have been showing up which is a problem. This may affect their relationship with other countries because other countries might believe hey aren't as trustworthy now.


1. I noticed that the modern nation has been affected by the revolution telling by their type of government. I can also tell that now in modern time they are a way better civilization. A trend that I noticed is that they have the same export and import countries.

2. The modern people now will feel freer than they would if they were in older times. They now have a republic and the poverty line is low.

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