EXPO 2017 and the OMEGA Global Initiative (OGI)

To drive hope through human ingenuity and inspire action to EXPO 2017 visitors

The OGI video will “educate and inspire EXPO 2017 visitors with the latest innovations in renewable energy technology to create an understanding of the need for a swift global energy revolution. Using entertaining and interactive exhibits, the visitor begins the energy journey on the top floor of the Sphere, visiting the sun, and discovering its indispensable role in life on earth. From there, the visitor descends through the exhibition, discovering renewable energy resources, floor by floor, and the technological innovations that are driving our energy future.


Humans are problem solvers, through ingenuity and innovation we will save civilization

Our Current predicament: Population, Urbanization, Lifestyle, and Climate Change

1. We open with a 1-min, Nat Geo montage from their recent documentary about climate change “Before the Flood” (or similar powerful statement)

Global warming is not a conqueror to kneel before - but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to.

2. The global concern about the environment as indicated by young people from around the world expressing the five stages of grief:

Disbelief, Anger, Sadness, Bargaining, Acceptance.

10 young people (diversity of ethnic groups) interviewed with scripted comments that reflect their concerns. Each expresses one of the five stages.

3. Enter Jonathan… “I share this concern, but it is not new; there has always been fear of the future.”

4. Concern about the future has a long history. For most of our history as a species we have been concerned about water, food, and energy.

We've been problem solving and innovating for thousands of years. Imagine ancient humans hunting and huddled near fire · Energy for heat and cooking from burning biomass (dry wood)

5. Our history has been about water, food, and energy and the glorious tools that we have developed.

6. Briefly showcase each stage of our development (hunting-and-gathering, farming, industrial revolution, information age).

Animated graphic showing the percentage of time at each of these different stages. Shows when we started farming and when we shifted to industry and where computers fit into human civilization.

7. Our whole history has been problematic but our salvation: Our ingenuity!

Sustainable development requires human ingenuity. People are the most important resource.

8. We outline that our current predicament is based on the global population, urbanization, lifestyle, exacerbated by climate change.

9. Ingenuity to the rescue… Illustrate the mass movement of people to cities. Most cities are geographically located on the coast. We need to redefine how we are using our coastal waters and move beyond the limits of the shoreline to produce clean water, expanded seafood from aquaculture, and energy from solar (electricity, heat, biomass). And we will take advantage of sea level rise.

"Three Million people move to cities every week" - Citymetric

10. Introduce OMEGA: Operational Marinas for Economic Growth and Abundance…

11. End with some examples of how the innovations used in the OMEGA system will address the problems of the future (water, food, energy, environmental, sea level rise, etc.).

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