Culture Of The Vietnam War By tanner nerwin


At the beginning of the war, people didn't know anything about this war and that it was going down. Towards the end, peoples views changed a ton because of the media and all the videos of it. The people despised the war, they thought it was the worst thing that has ever happened to us because it was so violent.


One of the main tactics of the war was Guerrilla Warfare. This was really the first time this strategy was used. Since the Americans had such a superior Military, the Vietnamese needed a way to even the playing field, so they used Guerrilla Warfare, which is a hit and run style of attack, along with creating underground tunnels.


America was outraged by the war because they didn't think that the U.S. needed to be involved. They felt it was injustice because the government basically took their kids from them and put them into war.


This time period was very important for music, and a lot was made by people that had been in the military. Big artists like Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and others created music protesting the war, because everyone thought it was so dangerous for our troops.


The main propaganda that the U.S. used was called the, "Domino Theory." This example of propaganda was meant to cause fear in the eyes of Americans, as well as back up our involvement in the war. Our government claimed that if we didn't help out South Vietnam, then the country would become a communist government and then the practice would spread across the world. That's why it was called the Domino Theory because if Vietnam became a communist government then that would spread to other countries and that would put the U.S. in danger.


There were tons of protests at this time that disagreed with the purpose of the Vietnam war and people didn't agree with the U.S. involvement. The people thought the war was way too dangerous and we were endangering our troops for no reason. Lots of the protests took place on college campuses and there were anti-war marches that took place on large streets in cities.


Television was becoming very popular during this time and was available to a lot of the public. The war was often shown on TV to show the public what was happening. The media did a great job of broadcasting the war, along with radio, newspaper, and magazines.


The Vietnam War had many effects on the U.S. economy. It hurt the economy because it put the country in more public debt, which therefor raised taxes and made the people very angry. Also companies that make items for the public were being changed to making products for war, which meant the companies made less money and the people didn't have items that they needed.

Government/Foreign Policy

After the war, the government ended military draft and made a volunteer army. They didn't want to pull people for war that didn't want to be there. Also, the government tightened up the foreign policy as well. People in the U.S. were afraid of communism and we wanted to make sure that would never happen.

The Draft

The draft was basically the government telling you that you had to go to war and you didn't have a choice. Families didn't wanna send their kids off to war because they were so young at age 18. Things people would do to avoid being eligible for the draft would be to have an injury, or to go to college. If you did either of those things they couldn't make you go to war.

Family Roles

The war was very difficult on families. Especially because their sons often got drafted into the war. The families had no clue if their sons and loved ones were even alive, and how they were doing. It was such a nerve wrecking time for them.

Re-integration Into Society

For these war veterans it wasn't easy at all to go back to living a regular life into society. The difference between war and a regular life is extreme. Many soldiers suffered from PTSD which is a factor of the brutal events that happen during war. Also many veterans were often in tough financial situations and finding jobs was also a struggle. Coming back to society from war was brutal for them.


The main purpose of the war was the North Vietnamese government was fighting with Viet Cong to reunify Vietnam. The plan was to take over South Vietnam and declare the country as a communist nation. The U.S. was involved in the war because they wanted to prevent communist practices in Vietnam as a whole.

Race Equality

Black America didn't want to fight for rich white men that were racists and didn't treat them well. They felt that was unfair and that if the white men wouldn't treat them well why should they put their life on the line for them? Despite all this there was still lots of blacks in the war in Vietnam.


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