"The Soul selects her own Society" By Emily dickinson


The speaker believes that her soul selects her own society. She is speaking to the reader as she stares blankly into the dark distance, only saying what runs through her mind without a care in the world. The world is as dark as the night sky in her mind. She sits patiently in her room starring directly into the dark corner of her room, thinking about the possibilities of life and how she has no say so over what her soul selects. Meaning that her soul selects her society and how she lives and how she communicates with people in her everyday life.

She's known herself for a long time and she knows how her soul acts in certain situations. Knowing herself this long has driven her not to insanity, but to a world of piece which no one but herself will understand.

Her home.


The first few words of the poem gives the reader a Visual image as she describes a door being shut, describing it as her mind which is shutting out society and all of its people. She says "Present no more" to describe that her spirit has left her body and is doing all of the movement that involves her shutting the door ect. She also says "Unmoved- she notes the Chariots" describing that someone has arrived to her home but she's shut herself away from people that she does not bother to go see who they are, and wishes to not be disturbed so she does not move a muscle but her soul has selected her movement. The point of this poem is to show how regardless of all that happens around her only her soul selects what she can and cannot do, She has no control over it and wishes not to have any control of it whatsoever.

"I've known her- from an ample nation- choose one"meaning that she knows herself as a silent, free spirit, which roams the world without people even knowing it. She moves along the world as her soul selects her society and the way she lives her life, her soul slowly searching for a lifestyle that best fits her.

"Then- closes the Valves of her attention- Like Stone"Meaning that she closes her ears, mouth, and anything that has to do with her communicating to people away for good. Not letting anyone in and not letting those who are in, out. She ignores them and stares into the dark corner as if she were turned into stone, and sits there for hours.

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