Ruby Bridges Gabbi Caine, Aricka clemons

Ruby Bridges timeline
Ruby's first day of school

When she arrived at school she was greated by a large mob of people. This mob of people was holding up posters saying things like "white only" or "white school". She sat in the pricipals office for most of the day. There were people walking in and out of the office all day long. While they enter the office the parents say things like '' She's not really going to go to school here is she." They say these rude words loudly in front of ruby probably trying to bring down her confidence.

When ruby left school people tried to hit her. Everyone shouted at her and called her names. She turned to them to say a prayer to god. She asked for him to forgive these people has he did to others in the past. Every day was just like the day before although ruby was a bit scared she still put on a brave face and went to school every day.

Above Is the prayer Ruby said right before school and right after school. It helps her forget that the other students are yelling at her and calling her mean names.
Below is Ruby and her first white teacher (Mrs. Henry)
This is Ruby's first white teacher

Mrs. Henry was one of the first white people who didn't hate Ruby's guts. She treated Ruby as if she was any other student she teaches. Mrs. Henry taught Ruby without complaining about it and she talked to Ruby as if they were friends.

Here are just a few books about Ruby Bridges these books both explain what she went through as a kid. One book is in cartoon and the other is realistic.
Ruby bridges as her older self.

Ruby Bridges got married and she has four sons. Her sons attend school at New Orleans public school system. She is a successful business women, she has created the Ruby Bridges educational foundation for the purpose of increasing parental involvement in schools. The Ruby Bridges foundation, P.O. Box 127, Winnetka, Illinois 60093.

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