We're a company / brand / band / a group of people that come together to make some kick ass music the only way know how to. (Think of Batman) As a group and symbol we can do great things together.


Edgar Manrique

Qualities: Learned some video & photo qualities that can help, plus he can play some sick ass rhythm guitar. Best power chord player in the business ;) lol

Responsibilities: (in order of importance) Videography, Photography, Marketing, Website, Youtube, Talent Scout, Rhythm Guitar, Music Producer

Paul Najera

Qualities: His dad was a mexican wrestler! plus he's been playing music his whole life (that helps). His determination to make in the music industry only cements how important this is to him.

Responsibilities: (in order of importance) Music Producer, Vocal Melodies, Guitar.

Jules Bittar

Qualities: For GOD sakes, his last name rhythms with GUITAR! This man was born to play the guitar. Not to mention he helps provide a fun/loose practice environment.

Responsibilities: (in order of importance) Lead Guitar, Music Producer, Vocal Melodies, Back Up Vocals

Omar (Ohmie)

Qualities: Sick ass melodies, producing and vocals!

Responsibilities: (in order of importance) Vocals, Song Writing, Music Producing

Jon Sher

Qualities: Great song writer, good singer, good producer. Makes pretty dope acoustic songs from time to time. =)

Responsibilities: (in order of importance) Song Writing, Vocals, Music Producing

Additional Musicians & Help

Tamer // Bass // Guitar

Hector // Bass // Guitar


  • Chris Robers (Style: All Around)
  • Ryan Langford (Style: Musically Trained)
  • Nick Eckhart (Style: Underoath, Acceptance)
  • Seth Taylor (Style: Underoath, Acceptance)
  • Andrew (Style: All Around)


  • Omar (Pop, Pop Rock, EDM)
  • Jon Sher (Acoustic)
  • Jon Fish (Cartel, Rock, Acoustic, EDM, All Around)
  • Matt Jared (RnB)
  • Devon (Rock, Acoustic)
  • & More

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