Honeymoon Part 1 NeW York

Day 1 - 15/09/19

Bags packed & ready for the Honeymoon adventure. From New York to San Francisco followed by a west coast road trip on the route down to Los Angeles. Sightseeing, seeing friends and a few firsts for both of us!

First destination Heathrow Airport. We love to go by train to places and with the station just round the corner it was a no brainier. A money saving tip for getting to Heathrow from Paddington. Use the TFL Rail train, it’s 5x cheaper than the Heathrow Express train. It might take a little longer but if you want to save some pennies it’s well worth it!

We checked into the hotel at Heathrow and watched the planes fly by for a little while!

For are first night we were staying at the Holiday Inn Express, terminal 4.

We discussed what to eat for our first night of the honeymoon, each coming up with a different idea but thinking that won’t be at the airport. To are surprise we found quite a few restaurants on the land side of the terminals! So headed back to the free Heathrow terminal shuttle service, we transferred to Carluccios located at terminal 5. This was only our second time and it did not disappoint!

Our fave beverages and delicious food

We then thought it best to check out where we needed to go in the morning before heading back to the hotel. We would be flying from terminal 3, so a few more hops on the terminal transfer service to check it all out. Back at the hotel we set the TV to be are 6:30am wake up call, rather than using our phones as we knew we would just turn over and snooze.

Day 2 - 16/09/2019

After having breakfast and checking out of the hotel, we made our way to Terminal 3. Headed to join the long queue for economy class, we were informed that our tickets meant we could go to priority class desk instead. We got to check our suitcases in straight away before heading on to security - which was a little time consuming, no short cuts here.

We perused around some of the shops, before then trying to find somewhere we could relax and plane spot! Unfortunately we couldn’t really locate anywhere, so headed towards what we thought would be are gate. We were close just a little further along the walkway, David went to the loo before boarding the plane.

Up in the sky, on route to JFK!

It was lovely to not have to sit next to anybody else in our row. Peruse the menu and enjoy the food whilst capturing as much as possible.

Whilst making the most of the onboard entertainment we were suddenly greeted by a cabin crew member from first class who congratulated us on our honeymoon, the following clip is a little flavour of our treats. It was a lovely unexpected interruption.

Afternoon tea about an hour before landing

Once we landed it took us about 20 minutes to actually get off the plane! Then the joys of going through immigration, the queue seemed endless it took about 45 minutes! In the meantime our luggage had already been taken off the conveyor belt.

Are next mode of transport was then to take the shuttle to Jamaica St, before heading onto the subway on the line heading to the World Trade Center, we got off at 5th Ave. Our friend Becky gave us a lovely NY travel book and we had to double check the map to ensure we headed the right way to the hotel!

Selfie on the subway

Hotel number two The New York Hilton Midtown.

We settled into our room, before heading back out for some fresh air without the baggage! Heading towards Times Square via Central Park. It was a tad too dark in the park, so headed towards Colombus circle to walk down broadway towards Times Square.

Times Square and very tired!

I felt that Times Square was just a glorified Piccadilly Circus. I was pinching myself that we were actually in New York and was mesmerised by the skyscrapers. We slowly walked back to the hotel and realised it was 1:30am UK time and we were feeling it!

This was just down the road from the hotel!

The adventure has only just begun, with much more to come. Until next time, The Collards xx